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Is your desired .com domain taken? Don’t worry, the .ng domain is a good alternative and cheap. It’s Nigeria’s ccTLD. Get one now for as little as ₦700 for a full year!

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.name.ng ₦700

.com.ng ₦1,200

.org.ng ₦1,200

.sch.ng ₦1,500

.edu.ng ₦4,000

.ng ₦4,800 PROMO

.NG Domains - Show your Nigerianness

Your Nigerian business deserves a .ng. With a .ng domain name, you have a unique and reliable Nigerian online address.

For a long time, the world-known .com, .org, and .net domain names are the preferred domain extensions. This is not far fetched. The trio is the first domain extensions to exist. Things have however changed. Today, there are many other domain extensions that are serving the world better than the trio of .com, .org, and .net domain extensions.

The .NG domain name extension is one. The .ng (like the Nigerian currency Naira and +234 telephone country code) is the official ICANN approved ccTLD for Nigeria. With it, you’ll have a unique and reliable Nigerian footprint on the internet.

Features .NG Domain

SEO Friendly

Local Google SEO Advantage. Helps your site rank well in local search on Google.


Short & conciseness makes the ng domain more easily remember.


Unlike others like .com, you are most likely to get your favourite domain in the ng.

6 Popular .Ng domain extensions & counting







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Businessman Holding Card Nigeria Flag
Businessman Holding Card Nigeria Flag

The .ng domain is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD). A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory identified with a country code. Read more here. .Ng is the ccTLD for Nigeria. It is currently one of the most popular domain extensions in Africa. As of June 2020, there were over 200,000 .ng domain names registered.

Popular among .ng domains include .ng, .com.ng and .org.ng. Others include .net.ng, .i.ng, .gov.ng, .edu.ng, .sch.ng and many others. Each variation is used according to specific requirements. While some are open domains, i.e can be registered by anyone without any documentation, others are closed domains that can only be registered with extra documentation and or special permissions.

Internet usage is fast cashing on in Nigeria. Coupled with her massive consumer market of over 200 million people which I am sure you don’t want to miss out on, you need to get your .ng domain fast, it’s the right decision to make if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors in the Nigerian market.

.Ng Extensions

Domain extension Usage
.ng Most commercially used .ng extension and is open for everyone. Perfect for anyone looking to do business or start a blog or website in Nigeria.
.com.ng The second most commonly used and the most popular Nigerian extension for its affordability.
.org.ng This is suitable for organizations and non-profits operating in Nigeria.
.edu.ng This is used mostly by higher educational institutions in Nigeria. It can only be registered by accredited colleges, polytechnics, and universities in Nigeria.
.sch.ng This is used primarily by other educational institutions that are non-degree awarding institutions. If you own a school, this is the perfect domain extension for you.
.gov.ng This is a highly reserved domain extension reserved for government bodies in Nigeria.

.NG Domain Names Benefits

Your online presence will gain the following number of benefits when you get a .ng domain name. These benefits are unique characteristics that other web addresses just don’t give. The .ng domains help you:

  • Get a powerful, easily-remembered domain name
  • Show your support for the Nigerian small business
  • Connect your cause and country
  • Share your story with a personalized web address
  • Establish a local destination for international brands

Your .NG FAQs
Our Answers

Currently, you can register the .ng domain for a maximum of 5 years.

Typically, registration for open domain extensions (.ng, .com.ng) goes through instantly in most cases. Sometimes, some are delayed by the .ng registry for extra vetting.

However, the duration for registering closed domain extensions (.edu.ng, .sch.ng, .gov.ng etc) vary, depending on the domain extension. All domains in this category require extra documents and vetting, and the entire process could take several weeks.

If you have a plan for the Nigerian market, right now is the best time to register your .ng. More and more people are registering .ng. Don’t delay and allow someone else snags yours. Register and keep now even if your website isn’t. There’s even an SEO benefit for an aged domain.

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